NXITY to develop new Operation Optimization platform for Beijing District Heating Group

NXITY has been engaged by Beijing District Heating Group (BDHG) to develop a new Operation Optimization platform. The platform will comprise a combination of modernized and digitalized facilities, new optimization tools and strengthened operation organization. As Chinas largest district heating utility, BDHG is covering a heating area greater than 230 million mcorresponding to a heat demand larger than 9 TW. BDHG constantly strives to improve the district heating system of Beijing and to be the role model for district heating enterprises in China. After years of hard work, succeeding to significantly improve the local environment in Beijing by applying solutions like; waste heat recovery, DeNox-technologies, integration of renewable energy, etc., the time has come to take the next step: Optimization and Digitalization.

NXITY is taking departure from the core competences of the company (Energy and ICT) when developing a new Operation Optimization platform that meets the expectations of BDHG and suits the local conditions. NXITY has extensive experience in developing digital district heating schemes and have unique expertise within Operation Optimization and Management of modern district heating systems (Smart District Heating and District Heating 4.0).

NXITY will empower BDHG as advisors and act as PMC during the implementation phase. Capacity building will be provided through training and workshops for operation and maintenance personnel, local management and customer service functions.

NXITY is proud to continue the fruitful cooperation with Chinas largest district heating utility, which once again proves that NXITY’s services within Modernization, Digitalization and Operation Optimization is recognized and accepted among the domestic district heating utilities in the Chinese district energy sector.

Contact person:
Mr. Li Shaofang
Chief Engineer
+86 139 1091 2719

Contact address:
Room 612, 6/F CYTS Plaza
No5 Dongzhimen Nandajie
Dongcheng District
Beijing 100007, P.R. China