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Managed Services

Empower projects and Organizations

Managed Governance Services

World-class services for local conditions
Representing Clients in China and Southeast Asia

Whether you are establishing a new local business or are in a transition period, NXITY addresses your demands and provides Managed Governance Services that match your needs. By engaging NXITY you can efficiently strengthen your local governance capabilities and avoid reallocating resources that jeopardize your daily operation.

NXITY also undertakes long-term engagements to support your local operation or even represents your business in the local market.

By engaging NXITY you can take full advantage of our local experience and professional capabilities in the local markets. Our professional team has decades of experience managing organizations and teams in Asia. NXITY gives you a head-start for your new business and competitive advantages for your continuous operation with world-class governance.

  • Executive management
  • Line management
  • Performance management
  • Contract management
  • EHS management
  • Relationship management

Managed O&M Services

World-class services for local conditions
Providing international O&M services in local markets

Take advantage of NXITY’s international O&M experiences to ensure an efficient and reliable operation in local markets. International clients engage us to maintain high quality services and products even in remote locations where local challenges can be a show-stopper. NXITY assures that clients can maintain their international brand and good reputation even in markets with limited experiences. Even domestic clients engage us to increase their level of O&M services and differentiate among the local competitors.

NXITY provides O&M services for systems, facilities and components for the Energy, Environment and ICT sectors. Our team comprises international and national specialists with decades of O&M experiences. We understand the local conditions and know how to manage local resources to maximize performance and life-span for outstanding performance.

  • Boilers
  • Chillers and Heat-pumps
  • DHCS and HVAC-Systems
  • Process steam
  • Water treatment
  • Compressed air
  • Data Centers
  • IT-infrastructure
  • Cloud Solutions