Managed Governance Services

World-class services for local conditions

Representing Clients in China and Southeast Asia

Whether you are establishing a new local business or are in a transition period, NXITY addresses your demands and provides Managed Governance Services that fits your needs. By engaging NXITY you can efficiently strengthen your local governance capabilities and avoid reallocating resources that jeopardize your daily operation.

NXITY also undertakes long-term engagements to support your local operation or even represent your business in the local market.

By engaging NXITY you can take full advantage of our local experience and professional capabilities in the local markets. Our professional team has decades of experience managing organizations and teams in Asia. NXITY gives you a head-start for your new business and competitive advantages for your continuous operation with world-class governance.

NXITY Energy-Management Consulting

Management Consulting

With clients ranging from investors to engineering firms, we are specialized in providing management consulting services for energy projects. Within the business area Energy Management, NXITY provides the following management consulting services;

  • Market surveys
  • (Technical and) Financial Due Diligences
  • OPEX/CAPEX Modeling and Evaluation
  • Financial Analysis
  • Business Case Analysis and Business Plans
  • Financing support

With decades of international experience, we have been part of the energy transition in multiple regions and have access to unique data and experience to carry out market surveys based on first-hand intelligence. We provide market surveys related to specific energy sectors, technologies and geographical areas.

We carry out combined and complete Technical and Financial Due Diligences, of both energy systems and energy companies. Our in-house experience of carrying out both comprehensive Due Diligences for entire urban energy systems and utilities, as well as small energy systems for independent industries, cover the needs from various actors in the energy sector. 

We develop models for OpEx and CapEx evaluations tailor-made for the specific project and local conditions. Depending on the Client’s objective, the financial KPI’s can be optimized as required. Our OpEx and CapEx models are suitable for all kinds of energy systems.

Our financial analysis fulfill both domestic and international requirements in terms of structure, results and visual presentation, and can be tailor-made based on the client’s requirements. This increase the readability and makes it easier for our domestic and international clients to understand the results.

With the unique specialist knowledge in the energy engineering field, in combination with management competences, NXITY covers the entire span of competences to assure an institutional-, financial- and technical sound business or project. We prepare complete business plans and carry out business case analysis.

We have experience working with a wide range of investors internationally, providing both equity and loan funding. With the extensive global network, we can introduce various stakeholders to each other, including project owners and investors. We both have experience representing the project owner, and the investor.

NXITY Energy-Consulting Planning


With Clients ranging from governments to utilities and industries, NXITY is specialized in providing planning services and solutions. Within the business area Energy Management, NXITY provides the following planning services;

  • Urban Energy planning
  • Expansion planning
  • Rehabilitation planning
  • Operation planning
  • Maintenance planning

We develop comprehensive Urban Energy plans, for utility companies, local administrations, municipalities and governments. Our energy plans cover the entire energy chain from resources, energy conversion, distribution and consumption, and can be incorporated into municipal urban plans or a utility company’s development plan.

Comprehensive expansion plans focus on optimizing investment- and operation costs are provided for entire energy systems. Investment and implementation schedules are prepared taking energy supply reliability during implementation into consideration. We have extensive experience planning expansion of RE-integrated urban energy systems and pool operated district energy systems.

We carry out rehabilitation plans for energy systems in need of refurbishment and revamping. Rehabilitation plans includes plans for conversion of energy systems to new generation technologies. Conversion from steam to water of entire district heating systems, are examples of comprehensive rehabilitation projects carried out.

We provide long-term and short-term operation planning for both energy production and distribution systems. For budgeting and fuel procurement, NXITY carry out annual energy system simulations. To assure stable energy supply and optimize the daily operation, NXITY carry out weekly, daily and hourly energy system simulations. Furthermore, both long-term and short-term operation planning is used for maintenance planning and training of operation personnel.

While providing maintenance planning services we apply a systematic approach with supporting IT solutions. We provide both comprehensive CMMS/EAM systems and mobile solutions for maintenance engineers on the field. Additionally, we offer GSS (grid simulation software) and operation planning software which can be utilized to assure that the energy supply remains stable and that the operation conditions are safe for maintenance personnel carrying out maintenance work.

NXITY Energy-Consulting Value Engineering

Value Engineering

We empower our clients through provision of value-added engineering services. We have the capability to deliver complete engineering services throughout the entire energy project value chain. In cases where the client has a preferred supplier of traditional engineering services, we strengthen both the client and the preferred supplier with tailor-made value engineering services. Within the business area Energy Management, NXITY provides consulting services within the following service areas;

  • Review, Optimization and Support
  • Design optimization services
  • Safety

We review and optimize traditional engineering services, and provide support services, filling engineering gaps and improve the performance of our client’s energy projects. Our Review, Optimization and Support services span over the entire project value chain from idea to operation.

Our design optimization services which significantly add value to the project development and design phase, are provided with a simple delivery model. The services intend to optimize the original concept and assure the quality throughout the entire design phase.

We are world leading when it comes to safety analysis of Urban Energy systems. By combining several of our core competences, comprehensive safety evaluations can be provided. We develop a suitable safety program to improve and assure the safety of the energy system, which can be supported by our Energy Solutions.

NXITY Cloud Services - Virtual Machine


Within Energy Management, we provide complete ICT consulting services for integration of our Energy Solutions and Next generation, IT integrated, Urban Energy Systems. ICT is core competences of NXITY Group. For more information on NXITY’s comprehensive ICT services, please visit here.