Energy Solutions

Strengthen your project execution teams and O&M organizations with modern and well-proven IT-tools.

Taking departure from the core competences in the NXITY Group, we provide complete IT-solutions supporting Energy Management; our Energy Solutions. The Energy Solutions empowers our clients and their organization in their daily work, and increase the efficiency and quality of the work carried out. We sell, implement and support a selection of world leading IT-tools.

Within the business area Energy Management, NXITY provides the following Energy Solutions;

  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Grid Simulation Softwares (GSS)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Operation planning

We are authorized partner of the world leading CMMS provider Siveco, who has developed innovative software products to support maintenance improvement, risk prevention and facility management projects. The CMMS systems comprise both comprehensive CMMS systems and mobile solutions.

Furthermore, we are authorized partner of Vitec, providing GSS, GIS and Operation planning tools.

NXITY Energy Soutions CMMS

Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

COSWIN is a highly flexible maintenance management (CMMS/EAM) tool designed by maintenance engineers for maintenance engineers. COSWIN covers all aspects of plant maintenance, including asset management, work management, preventive maintenance, resources management, stock, and purchasing, with a range of specific solutions for different industries. COSWIN comes with a suite of implementation tools for data migration, screen personalization, diagram navigation and interfacing with third-party systems such as ERP or automation.

bluebee® cloud is a central management tool, designed for large multisite organizations. Accessible on large touchscreen display (control center) and on any PC, bluebee® cloud provides powerful built-in management functionalities to display data in maps and charts, manage central technical data, plan and track activities, produce KPIs and management reports, manage mobile devices and integrate seamlessly with other subsystems (GIS, SCADA, video surveillance, site-level CMMS/EAM, etc.). Functional coverage includes risk prevention, maintenance, meter readings, compliance reporting based on data from the field (mobile users and online monitoring).

bluebee® is a suite of mobile solutions for the “worker of tomorrow”, designed for technicians in the plant or in the field. Running on smartphone or tablet, the solution works with any back-office maintenance management database. Engineers conduct site surveys (safety, energy, maintenance) and get immediate assistance from the technical knowledge base. Non-compliance and risk areas are instantaneously reported to the central system. Scanning of asset tags (barcode or RFID) and GPS positioning ensures that inspections are actually performed.

NXITY Energy Solutions GSS

Grid Simulation Software (GSS)

For many years GSS has guided planners, engineers and operation personnel build and optimize district cooling and district heating grids all around the world. The Grid Simulation Software, NetSim, has been utilized by nearly all leading Scandinavian engineering- and utility companies. Even decision makers take great advantage of the GSS, being able to make important decisions based on well-founded studies with illustrative results.

NetSim is used to optimize OpEx and CapEx and assure overall safety from planning, through design to operation and maintenance. NetSim strengthen entire organizations, giving a greater knowledge about the entire urban energy system in different operation modes, providing functionalities for simulation of historical-, real-time- and future scenarios.

Hydraulic models can be created based on geographical information from your Geographical Information System (GIS) together with data from your SCADA system and billing system. Furthermore, the GSS can be used for maintenance planning, as a complement to the CMMS to simulate specific grid scenarios.

NXITY Energy Solutions GIS

Geographic Information System (GIS)

A GIS system store, integrate and display geographic information. The GIS system NetMAP is tailor-made for urban energy systems, and can easily be used as a supporting system both to CMMS and GSS. As an integrated part of the CMMS, NetMAP improve the maintenance management of geographically widespread urban energy systems. Furthermore, NetMAP simplify the building and maintenance of GSS models.

NXITY Energy Solutions Planning

Operation Planning

Utilities using Nestor lower their production- and distribution costs, minimizing fuel and electricity expenses. The Nestor model use historical consumption data, operation parameters, weather observations and forecast (radiation, wind, temperature), to calculate a precise forecast of energy consumption.

With a forecast up to 240 hours, and with a resolution down to 5 minutes, Nestor provide a unique tool for operation optimization of urban energy systems. Nestor also interact with the GSS NetSim, to simulate grid specific real-time and future scenarios.