NXITY Group with its origin in Scandinavia, a trusted partner and provider of innovative ICT Consulting and IT Solutions is currently establishing its first subsidiary to provide Energy Management support services – NXITY Energy.

The first NXITY Energy office will be located in Beijing, P.R. China, where a combination of international and domestic specialists are located. The office will provide Project Management, Energy Consulting, and Energy (IT) solutions, focusing on Urban Energy Systems and Industries.

NXITY Energy empowers clients, by providing value adding consulting services in combination with IT solutions, filling management- and engineering gaps throughout the entire energy project value chain from idea to operation. The services provided aim to strengthen organizations, projects and eventually entire energy systems.

Through acquisition, newly established partnerships and integration to the existing NXITY group of companies, NXITY Energy has acquired international engineering specialists and decades of specific Asia experience who can serve the market with full power from day one.

Partnerships with specialized software suppliers has been entered, providing world leading asset management solutions, and planning and design tools. NXITY is an authorized provider of CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management Systems), GSS (Grid Simulation Software) and Operation Planning tools.

To strengthen the engineering capacities, a partnership has been entered with the Swedish engineering company Termoekonomi who will act as a supporting back-office in Sweden, while highly skilled resources from their previous China operation has been transferred to NXITY Energy.

NXITY’s first engagements in the energy sector comprises Wind Power- and Large-scale Solar Thermal Energy integration into urban energy systems. NXITY will provide engineering specialist services for a Wind Power integrated district heating system in Hohhot, carry out nationwide market analysis for Large-scale Solar Thermal integrated urban energy systems in P.R. China, and provide owners engineering services for a Large-scale Solar Thermal pilot project in Beijing.

By the establishment of NXITY Energy, NXITY will be present with offices in Sweden, Thailand, Hong Kong, and P.R. China. For an introduction to NXITY please visit www.nxity.com and see our introduction video at; https://youtu.be/zHKTIzGF7YU.

For more information contact Mr. Mikael Eriksson (Chief Executive Officer, NXITY Group) at mikael.eriksson@nxity.com or Mr. Mikael Jakobsson (Acting Managing Director, NXITY Energy) at mikael.jakobsson@nxity.com.