The Danish company ENFOR™ established in 2006 has a solid operational track record and is successfully serving customers globally providing forecasting and optimization solutions for the energy sector. Their client base of utilities, energy traders, transmission and distribution system operators use ENFOR™ solutions for forecasting of wind power, solar power, electricity and heat demand as well as optimization of district heating systems.

NXITY as a trusted partner to ENFOR™ on the Chinese market is proud to present the product line within Heat Solutions™ (formerly known as PRESS™). Heat Solutions™ is an integrated portfolio of forecasting and optimization solutions for the district heating sector, taking a natural place in NXITY’s smart heating offer. The solution consists of MetFor™, which delivers locally-calibrated weather forecasts, HeatFor™ which provides heat demand forecasts and HeatTO™, which provides temperature optimization of district heating systems. The solution reduce heat losses and thereby reduce production costs, heat prices and CO2 emissions while increasing reliability of heat supply.


Heat Solutions™ is a fully automated system, which makes it possible to manage the district heating supply more efficient and reliable. MetFor™ and HeatFor™ provide accurate weather and heat demand forecasts, allowing HeatTO™ to optimize the temperature level in the district heating system. The optimization of the supply temperature will ensure that the needs of the customers are met, while the supply temperature is reduced as much as possible. This will reduce heat losses, production costs and the heat price. An additional benefit is that the reduction in fuel consumption can reduce CO2 emissions and improve the green profile of district heating.

Heat Solutions™ typically reduce heat losses from pipelines with 10-20%, which results in a fuel saving of 3% to 5% – or even more in heating networks with high heat losses.


  • Reduce heat losses, fuel costs, heat prices and CO2 emissions
  • Increase reliability of heat supply
  • Easy and inexpensive to install and operate with short payback period
  • Fully automatic with minimal maintenance
  • Reliable, stable and high availability with a proven operational track record of 20 years
  • Highly flexible and configurable. Fits to most network configurations

Heat Solutions™ is an industry leading solution which requires minimal effort to operate and yet delivers accurate forecasts and great savings compared to competing technologies.

How does Heat Solutions™ work

The three sub-solutions work as an integrated system. MetFor™ makes a local calibrated weather forecast. It is based on 2-3 external weather forecasts which are weighted and combined with local weather measurements. The locally calibrated weather forecast is fed into HeatFor™ and combined with historical demand data in order to deliver an accurate heat demand forecast. Based on this heat demand forecast and online measurements from the heating network (flow, supply and return temperature), HeatTO™ optimizes the supply temperature to meet demand, while minimizing supply temperature.

Heat Solutions™ is based on self-learning algorithms that continuously self-calibrate and improve as they receive data from the district heating network, and thereby the system is fully automatic.

Ideally the solution is integrated with local online weather measurements, but can also run solely on meteorological forecasts. Heat Solutions™ is provided with a data validation module and a data interfaces which enable SCADA integration through text files, FTP, database access or web services. The data validation module ensures that data with errors is identified, corrected or replaced by other values. Heat Solutions™ can be delivered as a software package which is installed at the district heating operator or as a hosted solution at ENFOR™. In addition, the solution comes with various support and maintenance packages that can be tailor-made.

Contact us for more information and to schedule a presentation of what Heat Solutions™ can do for you. You may also read more about the solution at the ENFOR™ website.