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Corporate Identity

Make sure you stand out from the crowd and give your company the look it deserves with a professional Corporate Identity.

A Corporate Identity – Every company has a story, a story about activity and success but even more, a story about inspiration and creativity. How do you tell your story?

Your corporate identity is one of the most important cornerstones of your brand and in your communication with the outside world. It shall, through its graphic expression convey the company’s mission, visions, and core values. In other words, it describes who you are.

A consistent and clear corporate image makes it easy to recognize your business. Recognizing your brand creates a sense of security and trust, which contributes to more customers.

Corporate Identity for a Fixed Price

We offer your company a professional corporate identity for a fixed price!

From Business Card to Invoice

Each contact in whatever forum is a unique opportunity to strengthen your brand and we want you to take advantage of this. Through a strong brand you will find new customers and build long-term customer relationships. At NXITY we refer to this as “from business card to invoice“.

Let us walk you through a typical everyday scenario:

  1. You meet someone at an event and hand over your business card.
  2. The person finds your company interesting and visits your website.
  3. Later you visit the company to present your offer.
  4. The company finds your offer interesting and you agree on sending a quotation.
  5. When the deal is closed you send an invoice.

All these everyday point of contacts are excellent opportunities to strengthen your brand and we have put together a package to help you get started. The Corporate Identity Package includes everything you need to build and strengthen your brand through a clear and uniformed corporate identity.

At NXITY we offer a professional corporate identity for a fixed price so that you do not need to worry about hidden or uncontrolled costs.

Brand Guideline

Your brand guideline makes it possible to communicate in a focused and coherent way. It includes information about usage of your logotype, typography, colors, images and all the graphic elements that are the building blocks of your visual identity.

Corporate Identity Package - Brand Guideline

Professional PowerPoint Template

By creating a custom designed template for Microsoft PowerPoint based on your corporate identity, you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time. With predefined layouts and style types to facilitate and speed up the work of creating professional presentations, you will always look professional in your presentations.

Corporate Identity - Presentation Template

Beautifully designed Business Cards

Professionally designed business cards is an important part of your networking as well as to strengthen your brand, as this often is the first contact someone has with your brand. When someone received your business card and later visits your website or receives an e-mail that follows the same graphic design, you are already on your way to create brand awareness.

Corporate Identity - Business Card

Marketing Collateral

Our basic Corporate Identity package also includes a beautifully designed postcard, leaflets and trifold template. Place them in your company folders, share them with customers or put them in a holder to professionally promote your business.

  • Trifold (A4 portrait, 6 pages, 99×210 mm)
  • Leaflet (A4, 279 x 216 mm)
  • Postcard (A5, 148 mm × 210 mm)
Corporate Identity

Extra Options

Aiming to be your one-stop-shop for all your identity, branding, graphical and marketing needs. Our professional team of graphic artists and designers will help you with any requirement of customised graphic design. The possibilities are close to unlimited.

Some examples of additional services:

  • Review of tonality
  • Promotional Products / Giveaways
  • Stand Design for trade shows
  • Roll-ups
  • Banners
  • Logotypes and Brand icons
  • And much more…
Corporate Identity - Giveaways
Corporate Identity - Extra Options

Corporate Identity for a Fixed Price

We offer your company a professional corporate identity for a fixed price!

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