NXITY modernize District Heating system in Tianjin

NXITY has been engaged by Huanhui Group, to modernize a district heating system in Tianjin covering approximately 20 000 dwellings. The project covers modernization of heat source plant, primary distribution network, secondary distribution networks and overall control systems.

NXITY has taken departure from the core competences of the company (Energy and ICT) and designed a modernization concept which meets the expectations of Huanhui Group and that suits the local conditions of the district system in Tianjin. Together with Huanhui Group, NXITY has put a project team together comprising Danish, Swedish and Chinese suppliers of engineering services, various district heating equipment, Cloud solutions, SCADA and control systems. NXITY acts as PMC, taking lead of the project implementation and coordinating with all suppliers throughout the project.

As of the heating season 2017/2018, the secondary systems have been modernized, and the heat source plant and substations have been put into automatic control with weather compensation features. During 2018, focus will be put on further energy efficiency measures and finalizing modernization of the primary distribution network.

Furthermore, NXITY has provided capacity building through training and workshops for operation and maintenance personnel, local management and customer service functions. Dialogues with local authorities and end-consumers has been an important component of the project to prioritize organizational improvement measures for Huanhui Group to improve the heat supply services to the citizens of Tianjin.

NXITY is excited about the cooperation with Huanhui Group, and are looking forward continuing the modernization campaign, optimizing Huanhui Group’s district heating systems around China.

Contact person:
Ms. Cheng Jie
Project- and Market Manager
+86 187 2588 2850

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Room 612, 6/F CYTS Plaza
No5 Dongzhimen Nandajie
Dongcheng District
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