NXITY to improve the District Heating systems of Xian

NXITY has been engaged by Xian District Heating Company to improve the district heating systems in Xian. The district heating systems of Xian District Heating company has a total heat load of approximately 2500 MW, divided in four main district heating systems; Taihua, Yandong, Chengbei and Chengqu. The district heating systems are partly physically connected but have in the past been hydraulically separated during normal operation. The systems will be converted into a great pool operated system; one of NXITY’s specialities.

NXITY will carry out comprehensive thermal and hydraulic evaluations of the district heating systems, with focus on technical upgrade and operation optimization. With the in-house experience of optimizing the heat supply in the world’s largest and most complex district heating systems in Northern Europe and China, NXITY will provide modernization plans and operation manuals that will serve as guidelines for the development and operation of Xian District Heating company’s district heating systems.

During the heating season 2017/2018, the focus has been on Taihua and Yandong district heating systems. Taihua and Yandong district heating systems have a heat load of 350 MW and 770 MW, respectively. The technical level of the two district heating systems is different, which require tailor-made modernization measures for each of the systems. In order to get the basics right, NXITY carried out seamless thermal-, hydraulic steady-state and hydraulic transient-state analysis of the two systems. Following the work with Taihua and Yandong district heating system, NXITY and Xian District Heating Company will continue with modernization plans and operation manuals for Chengbei and Chengqu district heating systems. Furthermore, NXITY will provide advice on implementation of operation optimization solutions.

The work is carried out in close cooperation between NXITY, Xian District Heating Company’s Technical department, Operation departments and Design institute. The characteristics of the project goes perfectly in hand with NXITY’s role, being the bridge between Chinese utility companies’ organization and their projects, and between international know-how and the local Chinese district heating market.

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